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Welcome to Sage Wellness and Massage with offices in Pittsfield, NH. 

Helping your body heal itself since 2002.


Deborah Blais, LMT, Owner

NH Lic#1999M

37 So Spring St, Concord, NH & 175 Barnstead Rd, Pittsfield, NH 



 Massage Therapy

-Relieves muscular tension and pain

-Reduces adhesions and scar tissue

-Improves circulation which provides vital nourishment to the organs improving immune system function

-Reduces blood pressure

-Improves joint flexibility

-Promotes relaxation and stress reduction through the release of endorphins, the bodies natural "feel good" hormones

-Reduces mental and physical fatigue

-Recent studies show, receiving a one hour massage is like getting 7-8 hours of sleep!

For your good health, choose therapeutic massage!